Old West Guns & Trading Co. Carefree, AZ

I own a nice little federally licensed gun store and trading post in Carefree, Arizona just south of the only stop sign on all of Scottsdale Rd (named Tom Darlington in Carefree), which is at the north end where it runs into Cave Creek Rd..

I have collectible, antique, new and used revolvers, pistols, rifles, shotguns, cowboy guns, factory ammo, and new cowboy load ammo.

I also have custom gold, platinum, and silver jewelry, high-end watches, antique knives, switchblades, coins, paper money, old Indian pawn jewelry, baskets, pottery, rugs, a few taxidermy mounts, and some collectibles and antiques.

I buy, trade, sell, and consign quality guns.

I also buy knives, coins, jewelry, watches, diamonds, and scrap gold, silver, and platinum.


I just learned that someone in Tucson has created a fake page on Instagram, with all of the information of my licensed business, so that they can illegally sell guns and ammo.

Their phone number is: 520-485-8955.  If this is you then I suggest that you delete the account immediately, You have stolen my business identity and are selling guns
and ammo without a license. I'm filing criminal reports with the ATF and MCSO right now.

IF YOU have sent money to 520-485-8955 then you have been defrauded. This phone number is NOT me and NOT associated with my business in any way.